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We are pleased to introduce our self as a leading fuel additive importer, formulator and marketer of India. These additives are carefully selected based on strength of technology and performance of the various additives world over. Generally our additives are sourced from world leader fuel additive manufacturers.

We are also formulating various high performance synthetic lubricants.

Some of the chemicals are sourced from well reputed and ISO 9001 certified Indian chemical companies. We are marketing our products with the brand name Sigma . Indian industries will get world’s best speciality products under one brand.

Ours is a team of proactive, highly qualified and self-motivated people. We have shown our commitment in our area of activity thru our mission statement : to provide cost effective solution to petroleum fuel users.

In India we have got widest range of fuel additive to fulfill most of the requirement of Indian industries using liquid petroleum fuels for different application.

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