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FO Additives

FO additives are formulations of below given components:

  • Detergent
  • Dispersant & Stabilizer
  • Smoke Suppressant
  • Corrosion Inhibitor


  • Reduces air pollution by reducing unburnt hydrocarbon.
  • Increases conversion rate of CO to CO2 by catalyzing reaction.
  • Reduces excess air requirement of boiler.
  • Removes carbon deposits inside combustion zone and in exhaust system.
  • Improves efficiency by proper combustion and by keeping heat transfer area clean.
  • Reduces acid dew point temperature and there by reduces cold end corrosion.
  • Reduces asphaltene sludge problem.

Available Sigma Additives:
Sigma 3600, Sigma 6000, Sigma 6300, Sigma 6336,
Sigma 6370, Sigma 7007, Sigma 9090

Please contact SPAL for selection of proper additive based on your application.

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