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Synthetic Compressor Oils

Sigma COMP are Synthetic Compressor Oils which have been specially formulated with synthetic base stock having unusually high temperature lubricating property. They contain anti oxidant, anti rust, and anti wear additives. These types of oils resist high temperature decomposition and prevent formation of sludge or carbon normally produced by mineral oil based products.

Sigma COMP Synthetic Compressor Oils are suitable for most heavy duty, single and multistage industrial air compressors and portable compressors including reciprocating, screw and rotary vane types.

They have very low carbon forming tendencies, low volatility and exhibit superior oxidation stability.


  • Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance.
  • Reducing wear due to its polarity and excellent lubricity.
  • Very high oxidation stability.
    (oil drain intervals extended up to 8000 h)
  • Superior thermal stability for prolonged lubricant life -
    5 to 10 times, compare to mineral oil.
  • Extreme low volatility / less lubricant consumption.
  • Low oil consumption.
  • Low energy consumption due to low friction property.
  • Excellent demulsibility property.
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