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Synthetic Chain Oil - HighTemperature

Sigma SCO are High Temperature Synthetic Chain Oils which have been specially formulated with synthetic base stock having unusually high temperature lubricating property. They contain anti oxidant, anti rust, and anti wear additives. Theses type of oil resist high temperature decomposition and prevents formation of sludge or carbon normally produced by petroleum based products. These results in longer equipment life, less maintenance, better efficiency while costly downtime is significantly reduced.


  • Roller Chains on Oven Conveyors
  • Lithographic Chains, beverage can lines
  • Tenter frames in textile plants
  • Kiln car wheel bearings, refractory plants
  • Paint lines, drying ovens
  • Bakery Oven Chains
  • Kiln Support rollers, Cement Plants


  • Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance.
  • Outstanding anti wear property.
  • Extend lubricant interval.
  • Good penetration property.
  • Good lubricating property.
  • Superior thermal stability for prolonged lubricant life.


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